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General Promotion

Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit, carrying out the secretariat services of the Scientific Research Projects Commission, transferring the budget appropriations to the special account, conducting the works and transactions related to the special account, and conducting, monitoring, encouraging and coordinating the processes determined by the relevant legislation of the projects supported by national and international organizations in which higher education researchers take part. It is the unit responsible for carrying out activities related to measuring and evaluating the research performance of higher education institution and determining research policies, and carrying out other duties to be assigned by the top manager regarding scientific research projects in coordination with the relevant units.


Duties of the Coordinatorship:

Our Coordinatorship; To accept, evaluate, support, monitor scientific research projects presented by Ege University faculty members and institution personnel who have completed doctoral, medical specialization or proficiency in art education, and to carry out other duties to be given by the senior manager regarding scientific research.


Duties of the Coordinator:

a) To organize and carry out the programs and activities of the BAP Coordination Unit in line with the directives and commission decisions,
b) To act as the Chairman of the Commission when the Chairman of the Commission is not on duty,
c) To prepare announcements related to projects, to make correspondence,
d) To prepare the agenda for the commission meetings,
e) To act as a rapporteur at commission meetings,
f) To ensure communication and coordination in the activities of the Unit and the Commission,
g) To submit periodic written reports on the work of the Commission and the Unit to the Rector and the relevant Vice-Rector,
h) To appoint a realization officer regarding the procurement processes within the scope of the projects.
Authority, Duties and Responsibilities


In Article 31 of the Public Financial Management and Control Law No. 5018, the top manager of each spending unit to which appropriation is allocated by the budget is determined as the spending officer. Pursuant to this provision, the budget classification is the main element that determines the spending authority. Accordingly, the units in the third and fourth levels of the institutional classification are the spending units to which appropriations are allocated by the budget, and the top managers of these units are the spending authorities. In this context, the Scientific Research Projects Unit's spending authority is the Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit Coordinator.


Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit; Pursuant to the Regulation on Scientific Research Projects of Higher Education Institutions issued based on Article 58 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547; It is responsible for carrying out the works and procedures related to the evaluation, acceptance, support of scientific research project proposals managed by faculty members and researchers who have completed their doctorate, specialty in medicine or proficiency in art, conducting and monitoring the related services, evaluating the results and announcing them to the public.


Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit; It has administrative responsibility in accordance with the general provisions that its transactions are in compliance with the budget principles and principles, laws, regulations and other legislation. In addition, the Expenditure Officer has financial responsibility in accordance with the Public Financial Management and Control Law No. 5018, that the specified services comply with the budget principles and principles, laws, regulations and regulations and other legislation.

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